After a combined month of research and testing, we found the best air quality product deals on the market right now. Scores based on features, quality, and price. 🍃

Jafända Air Purifier

Clean Air, Happy Life! Our top air purifier considering all of its features and price.

BlueDri Air Scrubber

The Air Whisperer I’ve Been Waiting For! This scrubber will make sure you aren’t breathing anything harmful.

The Breezome Humidifier

Moisture Madness with a Side of Wit! This humidifier not only improves air quality, but makes it “comfy”.

Diffusers Essential Aromatherapy

Elevate Your Mood and Surroundings with the Ultimate Oil Diffuser. This puppy will make you never want to leave your room.

Airthings 2930

Your Reliable Companion for Monitoring Air Quality. Knowledge is power, and this monitor gives you all the knowledge you need on your air quality.